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DS Demonia K.Star Drac in a Box
Demonia platform lolita shoes
They are a US 6 so i think thats a UK 4. There is some scuffing on the inside edge of the shoes but i will polish them before i post them and that should get rid of it. I am asking £20 for them or best offer.Postage in the uk will be £6 and everywhere else it will be around £9 because these are heavy.I will send the original box with them.

K.Star black and white bunny cutsew sold
you can see the measurements and the cutsew clearly here
Im asking £15 for this. It has never been worn.

K.Star black satin princess dress
This is a uk 10-12 and it can be adjusted in the waist with the ties. I paid £80 for this so im looking for about £40.It still has the tag on it and has never been worn.

Drac in Box red fairytale lolita dress
this is the dress im selling
Its a UK size 8 and it really is a size 8 i dont think it could go any higher. This price will also include the headdress and the petticoat so its a total bargin :-) I would like around £90 for this. It has never been worn but around the house.

postage will be £4 in the uk and £7 everywhere else. I accept paypal and other forms of payment but please let me know how u want to pay first.

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If You Were A ~.Rose.~, What Color Would You Be? [Pretty Pictures.]

You're the red rose! The color red represents physical vigor, good health, strength, love, and sexuality. You're probably a very loving person...in more than one way. If you catch my drift. You're probably very physically strong, and strong-willed.
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